Fantasy Literature Authors from Australia

Fantasy literature
My Kindle died on me this week, along with my laptop. I was so not a happy person. Fortunately, I went online to and followed their straightforward system to take out a loan and I now have my spanking new laptop, so much quicker than the old one, and a new iPad, onto which I have just downloaded the Kindle App. A lot happier now, I spent a very joyful hour or two indexing my books. As is always the case with me and books – and maybe others are the same – I lose time because one or another catches my attention. This time it was The Black Magician trilogy by Trudi Canavan. They’re super books and on the top of my list for a re-read in my fantasy literature section. I popped onto her website and found an interesting post on Australian and Kiwi authors well worth having a look at. One of the authors listed there is Kate Forsyth, whom I happen to have a great fondness for. I love how she incorporates fairy tales into new and different presentations; for a discerning author of fantasy literature, she is another I would recommend. On her website, you will also find an interesting list of books regarding fairy tales. One, “From the Beast to the Blonde: On Fairy Tales and their Tellers” by Marina Warner, I have just ordered and I will tell you more when I have read it.