Tinkerbell: The popular and natural


Walt Disney introduced Tinker Bell in the 1953 movie Peter Pan. She has since become an iconic fairy and the first name that comes to mind when thinking of fairies. It is obviously Tinker Bell. The original story regards her as a common fairy with the meagre magic of being able to top mend pots and pans. hence the name Tinker. The most interesting thing about this fairy is that she did not speak. Instead, she would communicate with the sound of a tinkling bell. That is the reason for the second part of her name. She is not that nice a fairy, sometimes jealous, spoiled and gets bad  tempered. She adored Peter Pan and Peter also helped her. Her mood swings have been explained with her small size only able to carry one emotion at a time. She was created by Sir James Matthew Barrie who wrote the story “Peter pan – A boy who would never grow up”.

Tinker Bell could fly but could not when it rained. She also sprinkled pixie dust on people. This magical dust would make people fly. The animated avatar of Tinker Bell was created by Marc Davis who is one of nine old men of Walt Disney’s studio. over the years Tinker has become so popular that she features in every Disney movie. You can see her flying counter-clockwise over the castle of sleeping beauty and trailing pixie dust. many sequels to her own movie Tinker bell has become very popular with children. She is indeed a child’s icon more so for the girl child. We will talk more about some other facts about this amazing character from Disney.


Popular beliefs about Fairies

Hi friends I was recently researching about fairies and came about a lot of information on the internet. It is really amazing how we children believe in fairies. They are not real but mythical beings. That is what the article on the internet says. But I believe in them anyway. However there are many beliefs about fairies and they are so different!

I believe in Fairies

Earliest Belief – Originally people used to believe fairies to be magical creatures. They are supposed to be small in stature ranging from the size of a butterfly to that of a human child. Initially they did not have wings and their flying was due to the magic they possessed.

Christian Belief – In Christian belief the fairies are a class of demoted Angels. The popular stories goes that the angels revolted, and god shut the doors of heaven. The angels that remained outside became demons, those inside remained angels and those caught between became fairies. They have much good them but also are sometimes evil.

Fairies are beautiful

Pagan belief – The mention of fairies is even in the old pagan religion. Here they were regarded as minor goddess. In the era when Christianity was growing they were even regarded as evil.

Alchemy belief – According to the spiritual alchemy fairies are distinct from humans and angels. They are closer to elements of nature.

Fairies believed to be spirits – One belief is that fairies are spirits of people who had untimely deaths. They roam between the realms of men and God unable to come to human realm because they are dead and unable to go to heaven because they have time left on earth.