Fairies I love them

Hi I am Clara and I am mom to a delightful 7 years old daughter. My husband works from home on his computer. My daughter love drawing, music and dance. She is  fascinated by fairies, and loves to watch animation movies about them. Tinker bell and tooth fairy are her favorite fairies. She is really captivated by they wings they have. I have to read regularly about fairies to keep telling stories about fairies to my daughter.

Once I saw my husband creating a blog and was fascinated by the pictures he put there. I had a thought that why not put in the fairy stories right there on the internet in form of a  blog. I talked to my husband learned the basic WordPress and started this blog. If you have children fascinated by fairies, it is for them. The stories will be there and sometimes also some saving tips for children. This blog is meant for children of course, at least at heart.